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Crackling audio on iOS 11/iPhone 8

When using iCast2 on my iPhone 8 running any version of iOS 11, i’ve noticed a periodic click on the monitor, and sometimes on the stream itself, but not always. Seems like maybe a buffering or sampling rate mismatch problem. It doesn’t matter which codec, bitrate or number of channels are use, as it is also present with monitoring enabled. However,as previously stated, this doesn’t always pass through to the stream, though it often does.

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  • DustinPerdue commented  · 

    An update; There are no audio issues on iOS 10.3.3 on an iPhone 5,e thoughe I experience these issues on any device running iOS 8. Audio is both glitchy on monitoring and streaming. I hope this is resolved, so I don’t have to use an old, deactivated iPhone tethered to my iPhone eight as a hotspot to stream audio reliably.

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