Connection Check - Could not login to your station


After entering in all of your station details you are presented with the connection checker to help catch any issues.
The connection checker shows the "could not login to your station" warning.


This can be due to one of two reasons;
  1. Your username and/or password is incorrect - make sure you are using the correct login details and that you have entered them correctly
  2. The hosting company you are using is not using a standard Shoutcast or Icecast server and therefore it is not responding to our request to validate your credentials.
With more companies introducing complex hosting services that include AutoDJs, song requests, relays, reports, website builders, etc; reason two is becoming more common and therefore this warning can usually be ignored, however if you are also getting an "Access Denied" error when trying to connect from the main screen then you will need to check your credentials (and mount-point for Icecast or SID for Shoutcast 2) is correct.

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